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Liquid metal Turing Phone delayed to Q1 2016

The so-called ‘Turing Phone,’ whose alleged tight security and all-liquid metal enclosure have earned it considerable buzz, has been delayed beyond its scheduled December 18th shipping deadline. According to an explanatory letter (via Android Police), penned to customers who pre-ordered the handset, Turing Robotic Industries (TRI) CEO SYL Chao says the phone is now scheduled to […]

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Wikipedia Uses AI to Assist Human Editors

The Wikimedia Foundation this week rolled out a service designed to improve the quality of Wikipedia articles. The Objective Revision Evaluation Service uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help Wikipedia editors identify damaging articles more quickly and assign quality scores more rapidly. ORES lets editors peer into incoming content to identify potentially damaging edits.

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Android Marshmallow gets ported to the HTC HD2, a phone from 2009

Few smartphones have had the long-lasting relevance that 2009’s HTC HD2 has demonstrated: despite being released six years ago as a Windows Mobile-powered handset, the 4.3-inch device continues to encourage an active development community. In a truly impressive display from both device and developer, the HD2 has just seen the release of its first Android […]

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