Top 10 Open Source Developments of 2015

Open source is driving an ever-expanding market. The notion of community-driven development is a growing disruption to proprietary software controlled by commercial vendors, and the free open source software concept has become a major disruption in industry and technology. Open source is so pervasive that people overlook how it’s the glue of modern communication and enterprise business models.

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BrightFunnel raises $6M to help sales teams truly understand marketing ROI

VB INSIGHT: Sales tech is so, so hot right now. In a new analysis by Spoke Intelligence, 317 inside sales startups over the last couple of decades have taken $9.7 billion in funding and turned it into $77 billion in exits, acquisitions, and current value. While ten figure exits have been relatively rare, the space is heating up. […]

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Predictive analytics tool BrightFunnel gets $6M boost

BrightFunnel, a predictive intelligence company that says it helps marketers “understand the future revenue impact of every decision,” took in a $6 million investment led by Crosslink Capital, the startup announced today. Salesforce Ventures, Bloomberg Beta, Karlin Ventures, and Resolute Ventures also participated in the series A round designed to help the company to further build its product. […]

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Uber makes it easier for developers to add ride-hailing features in their apps

Uber is releasing a new developer tool aimed at making it easier to incorporate its service into third-party apps. Starting today, the company is making available an official Uber Ride Request Button. Any app can now easily incorporate this client-side mechanism that, when tapped, will request an Uber to take you to your destination. It’s […]

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Video streaming startup StreamRoot raises $2.1 million

Parisian video streaming startup StreamRoot announced today through a public filing that it raised just over $2.1 million for its most recent round. The startup says that its solutions help broadcasters deliver content at faster speeds and lower cost by retrieving “an intelligently selected list of peers, and establish a direct connection with them to […]

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Microsoft makes upgrading to Windows 10 ‘a smoother experience’

Microsoft this week released an update for Windows 7 (KB3112343) and Windows 8.1 (KB3112336) that aims to make the Windows 10 upgrade process “a smoother experience.” As first spotted by WinBeta, the update improves Windows Update in Microsoft’s latest client and server operating systems, though the description hints that the real motive is to get […]

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People's beliefs and motives influence the effectiveness of green policies

In December talks in Paris involving more than 200 countries may result in a new agreement aimed at reducing carbon emissions. In the months leading up to the conference, The Economist will be publishing guest columns by experts on the economic issues involved. Here, Céline Nauges, of the Toulouse School of Economics, and Sarah Ann Wheeler, of the University of Adelaide, warn governments to be conscious of unintended side effects of policies designed to encourage green behaviour.

REDUCING carbon footprints will require fundamental changes in consumer, producer and government behaviour. Economists argue that consumers will adopt pro-environmental behaviour when doing so saves money, but they are less likely to undertake measures that are costly, do not satisfy their aims or require inconvenient lifestyle changes. But economic motives are only part of the story and psychological studies have shown there may be more complex mechanisms involved, sometimes with unexpected consequences.

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2016: The year mobile advertising graduates

SPONSORED: This sponsored post is produced in association with Smaato. In the world of online advertising, 2012 could probably have been called the “year of mobile.” It had been about to happen, we’d been told, for several years. Sure, mobile advertising existed before this, but in this period something palpable changed. It could no doubt have […]

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Atlassian Bitbucket now lets you deploy code to AWS, Microsoft Azure, DigitalOcean

Atlassian, an Australian software company preparing to go public on the NASDAQ, is announcing today that developers can now deploy code from Atlassian’s Bitbucket source code repository software onto public clouds from Amazon, Microsoft, and DigitalOcean, right from within Bitbucket. There’s support for Amazon Web Services’ CodeDeploy service and Microsoft’s Azure App Service, Atlassian product […]

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Ukraine threatens to wreck two years of economic reform

THE ECONOMIST is at a conference in Kiev, organised by the Kiev Post, a newspaper. Most delegates speak in glowing terms about how Ukraine’s economy, currently moribund, will in time be one of Europe’s most prosperous. (Jaded observers at the conference say they have heard it all before.) But few are talking about something much more pressing. Politicians are fighting over Ukraine’s proposed budget for next year; if things don’t go to plan, 2016 could look very tricky.

There are two competing proposals for the budget. One, which is being pushed by the Ministry of Finance, is a fairly sensible plan. It will eliminate a range of tax loopholes and would also cut some spending. With that budget, Ukraine would probably run a budget deficit of about 4% of GDP next year. The IMF, which has arranged a bail-out with Ukraine, is happy with it.

But the IMF is not so happy with the competing proposal, which has come from a member of the party of Petro Poroshenko, the president. This plan envisages hefty tax cuts, but also keeps plenty of loopholes. For that reason it is politically far more palatable. But that…Continue reading

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